Sinclair Community College faculty have a variety of professional development opportunities sponsored by the Center for Teaching and Learning and Learning Technology Support.The Forum, Room 14-130 The Forum, (pictured here) located in Building 14, Room 14-130, is one of the rooms used for professional development sessions and events.

Workshops - Workshops are developed and facilitated by faculty and staff for faculty to address the most pertinent classroom concerns and current scholarship on teaching and learning. Workshops can be one, two, three or six hours. We appreciate your time and willingness to participate in professional development offerings and hope you find all the workshops useful. Some workshops have prerequisites and some have pre-workshop assignments, so please read the course descriptions carefully to understand requirements, expectations and outcomes. Other workshops may ask you to bring course material from your classes to the workshop (e.g. assignments, modules, tests, or syllabi).

Conferences - Since inception, the Center for Teaching and Learning has offered a conference each term featuring renowned experts in teaching and learning. In past years, we have been fortunate to host Barbara Millis, Tom Angelo, Craig Nelson, Stephen Brookfield, Ken Bain and others. These experts have shared best practices and inspired our faculty to continue to engage our students in the classroom. Click here to view the CTL web page containing links to their presentation materials, handouts and websites.

Tracks - A track is similar to taking a graduate course in teaching and learning. Each track consists of at least four, two- or three-hour sessions over several days, weeks or the semester. They are intensive opportunities to develop in a particular area. This year's tracks are Communication Across the Curriculum, Curriculum & Assessment, Diversity & Inclusion, Integrating Technology and Mindfulness. By registering for a track, you are committing to full participation in all its sessions, which is required for completing the track. Upon completion of a track and evaluation, faculty will gain access to an online certificate of completion for printing and/or saving. Tracks include dynamic speakers, books and resources.

Adjunct Faculty Certification Course

The goal of the course is to give adjunct faculty tools and resources to better prepare them to teach classes at Sinclair Community College. We sincerely hope you find taking this course useful resulting in a feeling of preparedness when you enter the next classroom full of students.

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Adjunct Faculty Professional Development Day

Each term the Center for Teaching and Learning brings a leading researcher, educator and/or expert in an area of teaching and learning to our campus for the benefit of our faculty. We hope our faculty will gain insight, knowledge and practical examples that will help them improve and grow professionally and that those improvements will further help students in their classes.

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Communication Across the Curriculum Track

This series of three, two-hour workshops is designed to offer effective strategies that teachers can use to improve their classroom presentations as well as their students individual, partner and group projects/presentations included in their coursework.

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Faculty Professional Development Offerings

In 2014 Sinclair Community College faculty will have a multitude of professional development options ranging from individual workshops, entire tracks on a topic, webinars, guest presenters and Lilly Conference recorded presentations. We hope you will find sessions that fit into your schedule and meet your goals in growing professionally.

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Math Machines Track

Teachers of mathematics, science and technology are invited to receive and learn to use 3 Math Machines: a “Function Plane,” an “RGB Color Mixer” and a “Programmable Vehicle.” Each of these machines can be operated with either a Windows computer or a TI graphing calculator. In addition to the hardware, participants will receive all necessary software and a collection of classroom activities which apply mathematics (especially algebra) to achieve specific physical tasks.

Participants should bring a Windows laptop computer (XP or later) or a TI-83/84 calculator or both. Participants using a computer will need “administrative privileges” on the computer so they can install all necessary software. Calculator users should bring a TI-83 or TI-84 calculator (any type) which they can continue to use in their classroom.

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Office Tools for a Better Life Track
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Register for one or more online training. These offerings are completed online, at your pace and on your schedule.

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Technology Offerings

Learning Technology Support offers a wide variety of technology workshops designed to provide faculty with new tools that they can integrate into their instructional design and improve teaching and learning.

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Writing Across the Curriculum Track

Whether your discipline is in the sciences or humanities, this track will help you incorporate academic writing into your courses. Upon completion of the three, 3-hour workshops, participants will leave with completed writing assignment sheets and fleshed-out, in-class writing activities for fall semester. In addition, while considering the General Education competencies for Sinclair, we will explore how to describe this important work on your faculty performance reviews and merit applications. Participants can expect to be introduced to writing scholarship and to leave the track with a better understanding of how students learn to write.

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