Beyond Quizzes: Using Alternative Assessments to Improve Student Success

1:00 - 2:00 PM

Zoom link:
Meeting ID: 872 5406 0203
Passcode: 727174

PREREQUISITE: Read this article to learn how authentic assessment can engage your students and better prepare them for their career skills:

Not every student is a great test taker and not every standardized test evaluates students’ actual learning. However, it’s difficult to find the time to adequately create and grade more involved types of assessments, like papers and projects, and discussions – right? Well…not exactly. Join us to learn how we use alternate assessments such as discussion, simulations, project-based learning, and real-world scenarios to assess student learning – without losing our minds. Faculty will share secrets of well-developed rubrics and alternate assignments that better help students prepare for their real learning outcome – their careers!

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