B - Vestiges of Redlining: The Equity Mapping Project

11:00 - 11:50 AM

This session focuses on the Equity Mapping exhibit which was created to support the Sinclair College's annual Equity Summit (November 2021). This collaborative effort explores how historical redlining, while no longer practiced in the same way, has impacted the lives of people in Dayton. The mapping team, consisting of Sinclair students, staff and faculty, worked closely with the summit steering committee to determine which maps would help tell the continuing story of redlining in Dayton, Ohio. This work includes 37 maps on nine posters that are 48" by 48" and cover the following themes: historical redlining, general demographics, education, health, and green space. During this session, the mapmakers will talk about their work on the six month effort to complete this exhibit. We will also encourage participants to think about how they might use maps in their classrooms and generate ideas about how to extend the topics.

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