Blue Lives Matter: Identity and the Internet

1:00 - 2:00 PM

MEETING ID:   893 3537 7832
PASSCODE:     160402

Social movements are generally organized efforts of activism that are the result of some type of injustice, mistreatment or abuse. We have seen students walk out of classrooms to demand political action against gun violence. Others have protested and pushed for action against climate change and same-sex marriage. Recently, the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement as emerged to bring attention to disproportionate numbers of police brutality against people of color, particularly African Americans.  In response to BLM, another social movement has surfaced-Blue Lives Matter, which is a pro-policing movement formed in part to counter the efforts of Black Lives Matter.

This presentation will provide a general backdrop of the development of both BLM and Blue Lives Matter and focus on how Blue Lives Matter, as pro-policing social movement, utilizes messaging and marketing from their various social media platforms to achieve their movement goals. This possibly creates a larger divide between police and the communities where they are employed as public servants and how that may create a conflict between the collective identity and individual identity for officers.


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