Breakout 15M

1:15 - 2:10 PM, Engaging with Students in a Multifaith World
The Multifaith Campus Chaplain will facilitate conversation among attendees about the challenges of acknowledging and respecting diverse faith commitments that students bring with them as they navigate their educational work in class. We will explore basic principles for working with students of different faiths and with those identify as "none of the above." Two helpful texts to reference: Diamond, Encountering Faith in the Classroom and Fernandez, Teaching for a Multifaith World.

2:15 - 3:15 PM, Sinclair's Diversity Audit Results and Recommendations
Sinclair last completed a Diversity Audit in 2009. With a new focus on diversity and inclusion, The Diversity Office contracted with a 3rd party to complete a diversity audit to examine where we are as a college and where we need to go regarding diversity and inclusion for faculty, staff and students. Come hear and discuss the results and our next steps in the process as we continue our efforts to be an inclusive campus.

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