Breakout 16K

2:00 - 2:55 PM, Against Measurement: Assessment as a Language-Based Endeavor
This workshop operates under the premise that traditional assessments concentration on “measurable” outcomes has been a mistake, one that has fed the illusion that only quantifiable knowledge matters. Participants will learn an alternative, language-based approach to thinking about outcomes, as well as specific language-based techniques for creating rubrics in eLearn that can capture student achievement in any discipline.

3:00 - 4:00 PM, Assessment: Tell Me How!
Faculty are continually asked to assess outcomes in courses and programs. We understand what assessment is, but continue to ask the question how do I assess outcomes? This one-hour workshop will provide faculty with a simple tool that can be implemented into any course or program to assess student learning outcomes and gather meaningful data to make curriculum or program changes. During this workshop, faculty will discuss how to use assessment data, develop a plan for assessment, and create an individual course assessment plan. Bring your course outcomes! Registrants will be emailed the assessment tool prior to the workshop so you can pull it up during the workshop and begin to input information.

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