Building Top Notch PowerPoints and Enhancing them with Adobe Presenter

9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Take out the Boring, put in the BAM: Building Top Notch PowerPoints and taking them to the next level using Adobe Presenter

Tired of the same old PowerPoint presentations? Wondering how to make your PowerPoint go beyond boring ‘click and talk’ bullet points into something that’s engaging and even interactive?  In this workshop you’ll learn how to create PowerPoint presentations that pop. Get tips on things that always work and how to avoid common mistakes when creating a presentation. Learn to use some newer features to give even old presentations a new polish. But wait! That’s not all! This workshop also shows you how to take your newly polished PowerPoint to the next level with Adobe Presenter – the PowerPoint plugin that allows you to easily add audio, video and even quizzes to your PowerPoint and make it all available to students with a simple URL link.

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