Conscientious Consumption

12:00 - 1:00 PM

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In a time of unprecedented globalization, we have access to goods from all over the world.  Because of innovations in transportation technology, we can defy the seasons by having strawberries in December, and render distance obsolete by wrapping ourselves in a blanket of Himalayan yak wool.  As we benefit from a global commodity chain, we are simultaneously distanced from the hands that create our goods, and the lands from which they come from.  In many ways, we probably prefer not knowing the exact circumstances under which our commodities are harvested, minded, or manufactured. 

In response to the opacity of the global marketplace, many consumers are demanding that they have access to more information about the treatment of the earth and the workers from whence their goods come.  Many are buying "green", "local", or "fair trade", engaging in boycotting or "buycotting", or are simply being more mindful of where their food and other products come from.  But, does this make a difference?  Or are we simply trying to buy our own redemption from a system dependent on exploitation?

In this talk, we will be confronting the realities of global capitalism, and the various ways consumers participate in this sphere.

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