Curriculum & Assessment Track - FA16

Fridays, 2:00 - 4:00 PM

October 7 - Rights, Responsibilities and Rigmarole

  • An overview of curriculum and assessment including faculty responsibilities and ownership of the curriculum, academic freedom and accreditation. Discussion of how assessment has been built into the curriculum. Provide an overview of CMT and describe the process for developing the official curriculum.

October 14 - Get out the MAP!

  • Curriculum Mapping: Identification and discussion of unit, course, program and general education outcomes, how they are connected and their importance to assessment. Focus on how to write outcomes that are appropriate and measureable.

October 21 - Where the Rubber Meets the Road: Developing the Teaching Syllabus

  • Overview of the teaching syllabus, how the teaching syllabus relates to assessment and the relationship between the teaching syllabus, the master syllabus and academic freedom. Focus on development of a teaching syllabus that incorporates unit outcomes and complies with the requirements of the faculty handbook.

October 28 - Assessment Made Easy: Rubrics & Roses

  • Discussion and demonstration of classroom, program, and college assessment techniques. Overview of rubrics for grading and assessment including principles of rubric development will be presented. Participants will spend time developing a grading rubric for a current assignment.

November 4 - Assessment Made Easy: Rubrics & Roses (continued)

  • Discuss advanced assessment methods including the RosEvaluation tool the college is exploring for general education. Learners will engage in a norming activity for use in department or college level assessment.

November 18 - Putting the Puzzle Pieces in Place

  • Focus on the pieces that need to be in place for course and program assessment to occur. The role of the master course (getting everyone on the same page), course level Angel tools, and common assignments in enabling assessment across multiple sections of the same course. Overview of Program Review and Annual Updates and their role in Sinclair's assessment efforts. Finally, how can we help adjunct faculty to be part of assessment?

All those who attend the first session will receive Outlook appointments for the remaining sessions. 

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