Diversity Film Series: The Lavender Scare

3:00 - 4:00 PM

PRE-REQUISITES:    Please view film before discussion: https://kong.sinclair.edu/record=b2105897~S1

You can find a Sinclair Library Guide to the movie and topic at this link: https://libguides.sinclair.edu/diversityinclusion/lavenderscare 

As we attempt to identify and excavate entrenched forms of oppression, it is important to examine how many discriminatory policies that are now carried out covertly were once embraced overtly. We are a mere one or two generations removed from an era that not only accepted but embraced (and often celebrated) the unequivocal exclusion of any and all but heterosexual white males.   

The Lavender Scare examines the campaign of ridicule and persecution waged against lesbians and gays—and those suspected of harboring ‘homosexual tendencies’—carried out within the federal government in the late 1940s and early 1950s. Similar in method but larger in scale than the Red Scare, this witch-hunt like purge not only normalized blatant heterosexism, it codified it. If we seek a more just society in the future, we must look back, and honestly confront and scrutinize the role that exclusionary policies and practices have played in even our most sacred institutions.

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