Dr. King’s Legacy of Open Housing – Inside the Struggle against Redlining

2:00 - 3:00 PM

ZOOM ROOM:  https://sinclair.zoom.us/j/83195063869?pwd=Lip54JAkTTB3Q-Jt3JgmeZ9v9UGBSk.1
MEETING ID:   831 9506 3869
PASSCODE:     652485

Join guest speaker, John Zimmerman, Vice President of the Miami Valley Fair Housing Center in Dayton, Ohio for a digitized photographic history of Dr. King’s struggle in Chicago for two years while advocating for Open Housing,  the predecessor of today’s Fair Housing legislation. The photo collection is owned by the Miami Valley Fair Housing Center. Artist Bernard Kleina took these photos in 1966 and 1967. Much of Kleina’s work is at the Smithsonian. His work of producing high quality large color photographs of Dr. King and his civil rights marches is very rare. This private collection is called “The Chicago Freedom Movement” and was on display at the Sinclair campus Library in 2018.  More recently it was on display the summer of 2022 at the International Peace Museum on Courthouse Square in downtown Dayton. Mr. Zimmerman’s review of this collection sets the backdrop for a discussion of the legacy of fighting redlining and how, through that legacy, the Dayton Metropolitan area is the 15th most segregated Metro area in the United States today. Mr. Zimmerman will wrap up with a contemporary video expressing the views of today’s younger people who are advocating for continued change.

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