Flipping for Student Success

1:30 - 4:30 PM

Need to find a new way to reach your students?  Come learn what motivates your Millennial and Gen Z students.  Learn how & why the flipped classroom and team based learning (TBL) gets them motivated & engaged.  See the promising data that is showing a 5-7 % increase in test averages when using these two methodologies.

You will learn what the flipped classroom is, how to modify your curriculum to create a flipped class and create a dynamic social environment of group learning for the students.  I will share my experience from start to finish of how to create the flipped classroom which includes ways to make your own videos, forming the groups & using high tech, low tech & no tech ways to create group work. The departments that have helped me through this process include the CTL, Multimedia Services, IT and RAR departments. Contact them to ask them to help you run your own data.

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