G15P - Ready, Set, Adjunct Faculty Course Prep

4:00 - 6:00 PM

Join Zoom Meeting https://sinclair.zoom.us/j/81859489334?pwd=S0lZeUQ3d3N3eWRuZFg1RkoxSEpJdz09
Meeting ID: 818 5948 9334
Passcode: 881597

Whether you are a seasoned Adjunct faculty member or new to this role, ensuring your course shell is "ready, set, to go" will eliminate stress for you and for your students. Join us as we review common issues that vex Faculty during course prep:

  • Customizing the syllabus and Welcome from Instructor pages
  • Copying Course Content
  • Using You-Attend
  • Release Conditions
  • Gradebook
  • Dates
  • Support Resources

The first hour of the session will cover specific topics. The second hour of the session will be open for questions, working in your teaching shell, and troubleshooting.

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