History repeats itself: What can we learn from ACT UP in 2022?

12:00 - 1:00 PM

Join Zoom Meeting https://sinclair.zoom.us/j/85993799521?pwd=VW9yKzd1OFBvRmxmdDh0TWNYUGVFZz09
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PRE-REQUISITE: Before attending the Discussion, please either watch the film or listen to the podcast (links below) to familiarize yourself with the history of ACT UP. The film link will only work for folx with a Sinclair log-in, but the podcast is available to anyone, including our community friends.

Sinclair streaming film link for "United in anger: a history of ACT UP"

Public Podcast link to NPR It's Been a Minute episode, "ACT UP: A History of HIV/AIDS Activism"

Why is World AIDS Day relevant to us in 2022? In this talk, we will discuss why and how World AIDS Day is relevant to us, at Sinclair, right now. In this virtual discussion, we will focus on the history and legacy of ACT UP, a political LGBTQ+ alliance whose mission was to fight AIDS. Their unconventional, yet effective, tactics have resulted in changes that we benefit from in 2022. And, lest we forget, the people who are dying from AIDS today are here, in our community... they just aren't the same demographically as the people who made up ACT UP in 1987. How do we use our awareness of ACT UP and leverage it to achieve more equitable health outcomes today?

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