Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program Training Highlights

2:15 - 3:15 PM

PRE-REQUISITE: Participants should explore the Inside-Out Prison Exchange Webpage: and especially listen to the linked podcast. For discussion purposes, watching episodes of College Behind Bars about the Bard Prison Initiative would also be helpful. It has been available on PBS and Netflix, and clips are also available on youtube.

Temple University’s Inside-Out Prison Exchange Training helps faculty learn how to facilitate courses taught in prisons but with campus and incarcerated students together. The training provides content about leading dialogue across difference. Participants in this Sinclair session will learn about the program as well as hear highlights from the training content that will be applicable to leading course discussions and teaching incarcerated students. Much of the training content came from former incarcerated students themselves. Stakeholders in existing prison education at Sinclair are especially encouraged to attend to help make exchange courses like these happen at Sinclair.

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