Not the Same 24 Hours

3:00 - 4:30 PM

MEETING ID:    820 0219 2658
PASSCODE:       366811

PRE-REQUISITES:   View the twitter feed on those 24 hours:

Shailja Patel photoJoin Amber McCurdy in a discussion based on the recent comments and research discussing the role of economics in those 24 hours.  The discussion will focus on how worldview (such as "I believe your ability to be rich or poor is not luck, it is based on choices"), and the basis for such thoughts (such as: stoicism, religion, privilege, victim-blaming, and others), or the idea of "luck" in socio-economic status impact the same 24 hours in day we each have.  Discussion will include how we as faculty can recognize this and how it plays into the lives of our students and impacts their success.

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