O26A - GEAR Up for Mentorship! A Training Session for Faculty and Staff

10:00 - 11:30 AM

The GEAR Mentorship program is just beginning at Sinclair. As part of the Retention by Design project, it is intended to connect interested employees (faculty or staff) with interested students to develop mentoring relationships that we hope will lead to increased retention of both students and employees. During Spring 2019, this will be run as a pilot project using students in the Student Support Services program matched with employees who are willing (and approved by their supervisor/chair/manager) to serve as mentors. Attending a training session will be required of each mentor.

GEAR mentors help first-generation college students who might have questions about personal, career, financial and academic issues respond to the challenges of college through a year-long mentor-mentee relationship. Mentors will help students locate resources on campus and within the community to address these questions. This workshop will review the expectations of this pilot program and describe the role of the mentors. Upon completion of the training workshop, participants can be paired with a student who has indicated interest in having a mentor and who is participating the Student Support Services (TRiO) program at Sinclair. The workshop will include information sharing, group discussions and role playing to help participants prepare for the role of mentor.

PRE-REQUISITE: Employee must complete a (soon to be available) application form and have the form signed by his/her supervisor/manager/chair.

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