S22A - People, Customs, Language, and Religion: How India is Diverse in Itself

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

ZOOM ROOM:  https://sinclair.zoom.us/j/81372930770?pwd=VmtDczBpRlNlNWw5OGZXeXRzVVBnUT09
MEETING ID:   813 7293 0770
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Bring your curiosity and enthusiasm as you join Puneet Joshi, Surinder Jain, and Swapna Purandare, for a discussion on India, a diverse country comprising 28 states, 8 Union territories, 22 spoken languages and hundreds of dialects, and 8 religions practiced in India (4 originated there). This presentation will take you through a journey of India’s history and its harmonious diversity as practiced by 1.3 billion of its people. You will hear about personal experiences, family tales, and some unique cultural aspects of daily life in India from the presenters (not found on Google!).

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