S22A - Safe Space: Sex and Power

10:00 AM - 12:30 PM

PREREQUISITE: Please plan to attend both sessions (September 22 & 29). Registration links for the other dates can be found on the CTL calendar.

Suggested pre-work: Though not required, we do suggest that you watch either or both of the following documentaries (available through Sinclair Library).
The Mask You Live In (1hr 29m)
Miss Representation (1hr 32m)

What is gender inequality? How does it persist in our social institutions, at Sinclair, and even in our daily lives? Is it a matter of personal choice? In this two-part workshop, participants will explore some of the ways gender inequality is present at Sinclair, how it forms part of a larger system, and what we can do to make Sinclair a safer place for all people.

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