Safe Space: Facilitating Conversations

12:00 - 1:00 PM

How do we talk to people about issues of gender and sexual identity in these polarized times? Elizabeth Gish from the Kettering Foundation will lead this workshop, designed for those who already have basic familiarity with how to create healthier, safer, and more welcoming spaces in our communities and classrooms. We will focus particularly on how to engage in or facilitate conversations where one or more participants has questions, hesitations, or prejudice with respect to LGBTQIA+ individuals or communities. We will also discuss situations where participants in a conversation support harmful and or discriminatory policies or behaviors towards LGBTQIA+ individuals or communities. We will learn about and practice several approaches to improving both formal discussions and informal conversations such that we can meet people where they are at and plant seeds for more acceptance, welcome, affirmation, and safety for all people.

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