Sim 101 & 102 Online Recertification Course

Method of delivery:  eLearn shell

Length of time to complete:  2 to 3 hours (does not need to be continuous and you can stop and start until completed)


If you are a health sciences faculty or staff who completed Sim 101 & 102 3 or more years ago, we are asking that complete the Sim 101 & 102 Online Recertification course. WHY? Because INASCL standards have recently changed and with everything else we need to do, it is just easy to forget some of the important components of simulation.

The Simulation Center is requesting that all faculty using the Simulation Center completes recertification every 3 years. We have developed this online course to fit into your busy schedule.

How to sign up…

  1. Sign up here through CTL. This will give you the ability to track this along with all of your other CTL workshops.
  2. Once signed-up, contact and request to be added to the recertification eLearn shell. I will need your username to make sure I am adding the correct person.
  3. Once completed, you will receive a notice of a certificate of completion. Depending on your department you might need to print this off or send to a chair if needed for tracking.
  4. Periodically I will go into the CTL shell and mark those who completed the training as attended so that it will track on your CTL record. You can also print a certificate of completion from the My Courses page linked in the upper-right corner, directly under 'Welcome First Last' and scroll to the bottom table that contains everything that you have attended.

If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact Mary at

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