Supporting Students with Disabilities

10:45 - 11:45 AM

Disability Services respects and values the support and assistance provided by Sinclair’s faculty and staff. We appreciate your assistance with maintaining a balance between accommodating students with disabilities and preserving academic standards. Disability Services is offering an interactive workshop to collaborate with faculty and to ensure that all students receive equal access to classes, programs, and services.

The workshop participants will leave with a comprehensive understanding of the following topics:
• Disability Services process to obtain academic accommodations
• Student and faculty responsibilities with respect to academic accommodations
• Strategies for communicating and teaching students with disabilities
• How faculty can assist with ensuring all students have equal access in the classroom
• Benefits of utilizing assistive technology (Read&Write Gold)
• Why compliance with the ADA and 504 is an institutional responsibility

Time will be designated at the end to address specific questions regarding current or past circumstances in providing accommodations.

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