The Pathway Portal...Electronic Transfer Tool Developed for Sinclair Students

2:30 - 3:15

The Pathway Portal – an exciting addition to the transfer partnership between Sinclair and Franklin University. The Pathway Portal is a direct connection between Franklin and Sinclair that allows prospective students to view how their transfer credit applies toward a specific degree in real time. This is done through a data pull of the student’s courses/grades on a daily basis…..after the student ‘opts in’ to the Portal. The Pathway Portal is an excellent transfer tool that allows prospective students to view their progress toward a desired degree or help them to make a decision on a degree path prior to applying to Franklin University. It also eliminates time spent requesting transcripts, waiting on degree audits, and completing the entire application. A demonstration of how the Pathway Portal works will be included in this 50 minute presentation. Session will feature guest presenters, Jenny Garringer and Jennifer Mack from Franklin University.

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