U12P - Turnitin Webinar

2:00 - 3:00 PM

Learn how to use Turnitin to “improve student writing and empower original thinking” (turnitin.com). You may know Turnitin as a tool to detect plagiarism in students’ papers, but it also provides robust assessment, revision, and feedback tools. Turnitin is integrated into the eLearn dropbox feature.

You will first need to test your computer for Adobe Connect, the webinar software, at the link below. You may be prompted to download/update Flash Player or other steps to prepare your computer for the webinar. We recommend using Firefox or Explorer as your browser. You may test your computer at any time before the webinar at this link:  https://connect.sinclair.edu/common/help/en/support/meeting_test.htm

If you come across any issues with the software, please call Tim at 937-512-4526

Enter the webinar  "room" as a guest at this link: https://connect.sinclair.edu/lts_techexchange/

Please enter the webinar 10 minutes before the scheduled start time in case any technical issues should arise.

This webinar will be recorded and made accessible to all Sinclair faculty/staff for future use.

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