U30A - Lost (and Found) Dayton: Connecting Our Past to our Present

11:00 AM - 12:15 PM

Please read this resource: https://udayton.edu/magazine/2019/05/rebirth-of-the-arcade.php

And watch this additional/optional resource: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0EJjruF9KOo 

Learn more about the city where we live and work. Meet Andrew Walsh from the library, and discuss changes that have taken place in Dayton. The Arcade is the most highly anticipated redevelopment in Dayton's history.

1) What do you think the project means for Dayton?

2) Do you have any memories of the Arcade from when it was open (or have you learned any interesting stories about its history)? Dayton has lost a shocking amount of its architectural heritage and urban fabric over the years.

3) When historic buildings are demolished, what do we lose as a community beyond just the physical structures? On the other hand, rehabbing and reusing old and abandoned structures is difficult.

4) Do you think the increased increased interest in urban living will help spare some of Dayton’s remaining old buildings from the wrecking ball? Sinclair has been a downtown Dayton institution since 1887.

5) How can the college continue to connect with greater downtown and also help connect our students and staff to our city's rich history? The city and county have invested heavily in redevelopment projects like the Arcade, but some say that this comes at the expense of our neighborhoods which are continuing to struggle.

6) What are your thoughts on this, and how can we find a balance between downtown and the rest of the city? Can Dayton take better advantage of its incredible history of innovation (Wright Brothers, NCR, etc.) in order to help promote the region and position us for a better future?

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