U3P - Exploring LinkedInLearning for Faculty: Hands On Session and Demo

3:00 - 4:00 PM

Hands-on exploration session to introduce faculty members to LinkedInLearning and its resources for faculty professional development. Opportunities to consider if and how it could be used with your students. LinkedInLearning offers more than 16,000 course; some directly related to Sinclair curriculum, particularly in business, technology and creative areas. Other courses include soft skills, career preparation and many topics that could be related to content in your courses. Spend an hour exploring to see how it can help you and if it can help your students.

Participants need to have a linked in learning account. The facilitator will contact each person who registers for the class and confirm that they have an active LinkedIN Learning account (provided free to current employees of Sinclair) and will provide step by step instructions and/or watching/waiting as a person works through the process.

It would be especially helpful if participants have two devices -- one for watching the Zoom session and one for using LinkedInLearning during the session. One device with the ability to manage two windows can also work.

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