Using eLearn For Practical Exams In Technical Fields

2:30 - 3:15 PM

This workshop will highlight methods of using eLearn to administer a hands-on practical exam instead of a traditional paper lab sheet in technical fields. This includes structuring questions within the limitations of eLearn to assess students' ability to measure, identify, and inspect components and settings to grade the questions accurately. eLearn assessments can be used either in a formative quiz form or for summative midterm and final exams, with both providing the student with instant feedback through automatic grading. Electronic practical assessments can help eliminate legibility concerns with hand-written exams, and improve consistency in grading. The instructor can also integrate lab sheets into Elearn, with feedback and grading provided to the student daily.

PREREQUISITE: Please have an eLearn course shell with a blank quiz already set up. Bring quiz questions with answers that are the result of a measurement (this includes micrometer, caliper, tape measure, DVOM, etc.), inspection of components, and identifying components. Course will not focus on general eLearn quiz setup, gradebook settings, or automatic grading settings. Testing methods were integrated into an automotive engine course, but could be modified to work in most technical fields.


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