Using OBS as a Solution for Building Engaging Asynchronous and Synchronous Teaching

3:00 - 4:30 PM

During the 2020-2021 academic year, many college programs had to resort to rapid deployment of online training and teaching. Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and WebEx became commonplace terms for online teaching. All of these solutions provided a platform for teaching, but lacked interaction with the students as a means to provide engaging learning. Enter in OBS or Online Broadcasting Software, a free solution with a relatively low learning curve to make "Death by PowerPoint" an engaging solution. OBS is a production software suite that can be used in tandem with popular video platforms to build seamless engaging and interactive lectures and assessments, both asynchronously and synchronously. OBS provides features to apply effects to different sources and scenes that enhance the learning experience. The OBS platform has a full line-up of professional tools such as quick hotkeys, chroma key, color correction, scrolling text, and much more.

Learner Outcomes:
 - Identify the purpose and audience when using OBS as a teaching platform.
 - Demonstrate the setup process with OBS and Zoom for teaching.
 - Identify the key components of OBS.
 - Create a new scene, source, and hotkey in OBS.
 - Identify and manipulate different filters used in OBS.
 - Configure application preferences in OBS and Zoom.
 - Demonstrate advanced features of the OBS suite.

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