Y18P - Teaching Syllabus Tool: eSyllabus

1:00 - 2:30 PM

In this workshop learn how to link the new "Teaching Syllabus Tool" to eLearn courses. The external access link to the Teaching Syllabus Tool application is added to the eLearn course shell by selecting the Add Content and the create Link content Item under the Lessons Tab. Then current eLearn course data is passed to the Syllabus application based on the name and details of the specific eLearn course, syllabus fields will be pre-filled/pre-populated with relevant course. personal and other course information.

**Note: When creating the Teaching eSyllabus using the syllabus application process there are several options: Either create the syllabus from a Teaching Syllabus Tool template or using a previously created syllabus from a course coordinator or other faculty member to start from

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