Adjunct Faculty Certification Course

The Center for Teaching and Learning offers the Adjunct Faculty Certification Course once per term. The course is offered as an all day workshop with online content and classroom observations completed within 5 weeks. Completion of this certification course along with teaching 9 payload hours will make an adjunct eligible to request the rank of Lecturer II. Adjunct faculty who are already Lecturer II and would like to facilitate future Adjunct Faculty Certification Courses may qualify to do so by attending the certification course. Please contact Derek Petrey for more details on becoming qualified to facilitate future sessions.

Adjunct faculty are prohibited from being assigned or accepting more than 12 payload hours per semester or any combination of payload hours and other work or compensation at the college which result in working in excess of 28 actual hours per week. Although participation in this course is unpaid, given the amount of time required to complete, this certification is the equivalent of 1 payload hour at Sinclair. This payload hour is not encumbered if the training is held between semesters.

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December 18, 2021
D18B - Adjunct Faculty Certification Course
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10:00 AM - 3:00 PM (lunch break, 12:00 - 1:00 PM)

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The goal of the course is to give adjunct faculty tools and resources to better prepare them to teach classes at Sinclair Community College. We sincerely hope you find taking this course useful resulting in a feeling of preparedness when you enter the next classroom full of students.

Your Commitment
As with almost everything else in life, you will have the most success with this course if you are committed to work and to learning.  As a member of this Certification Course, here are the items to which you are agreeing:

  1. Stay for the entire day. Partial day attendance will disqualify the participant from certification;
  2. Read the online material and take (and pass; 80% or better) the quizzes within 5 weeks of the Single Session class;
  3. After successfully completing at least half of the online quizzes, submit a request for a member of the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) Peer Review team to observe you facilitating a live class session. This class session should not be an exam day, a session with mainly student reports, or a day when a guest is presenting. A follow-up meeting with the CTL Peer Review team member is required.
  4. Make arrangements to visit the classroom of a full-time faculty member from your department, if possible. (If you are not able to visit the classroom of a departmental colleague, please call the Center for Teaching and Learning office for the names of other faculty members who would be willing to have you as a guest.) Complete the Peer Review Instructional Observation form and submit the signed portion to the Center for Teaching and Learning office. Electronic submission of all forms are accepted.