Equity Summit Learning Tracks

2022 Equity Summit

Where do stories come from? Where can we find stories? Stories are oral or written, obvious or hidden. Stories entertain and educate, inspire and intrigue, challenge and comfort. The Power of Shared Voices: Are We Listening summit experience is centered around nine learning tracks which address different tastes, learning styles, and interests. Through these learning tracks our hope is that you, the listener, experience or learn something just by the fact you heard the story. Equity Summit goals:

  • To expose attendees to stories/voices other than their own, or to stories and voices different from those they typically hear.
  • To nurture empathy among attendees for others through exposure to varied stories/voices.
  • To encourage the practice of critical and active listening to other stories/voices.
  • To disrupt the dominant narrative by making space for varied stories/voices.

Learning Tracks happen in-person, in the morning beginning at 10:00 AM and starting in the Great Hall.

Please register for one of these nine available tracks.

Also register for a Breakout Session.