Women in Leadership and Learning

The Women in Leadership and Learning (WILL) speaker series is designed for Sinclair faculty and staff interested in pursuing scholarship and professional growth, networking opportunities, and social support. While this series is geared toward women, all are welcome to attend.  The series will include invited guest speakers who will focus on different topics related to leadership and learning. Each speaker series will include an activity in addition to the discussion. Come join us, bring your lunch, and enjoy an hour of learning and leadership.

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February 10, 2023
WILL: Elevating What you Know-Exploring the 5 Love Languages in Personal and Professional Relationships

12:00 - 1:00 PM

It is difficult to ignore that the month of February is surrounded by all things LOVE.  In this Women in Leadership and Learning session, participants will learn more about LOVE through Robert Sternberg’s Triangular Theory of Love and the 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman. While often associated with romance, Sternberg’s Triangular Theory of Love and the 5 Love Languages help us understand how to navigate many different types of relationships with people both personally and professionally.  From the classroom, to the office, to the dining room table, learn a little more about LOVE and how to better communicate it in this 1 hour session.

Before you come to the session, take the 5 love languages quiz and bring your results to the session:  https://5lovelanguages.com/quizzes/love-language

If you have a partner or friend, ask them to take it too and record their results!  We will discuss results in our session.